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There are various reasons why men and women use general on-line dating services to try and find their soul mate. The usual reasons are:
Not enough time
Not meeting quality people
Not enough exposure to the kind of people I want to meet
Safety reasons
Alternative option

All of the above are valid reasons to use some sort of on-line dating service. However, when we move to the realm of International Dating Services, the reasons tend to become more specific or focused, for both the men and the women. In this article we will address the most common motivations for the men and the women, hopefully providing the reader with a better insight as to why this type of 'dating" is becoming more and more popular.

Motivation of the MEN

· Beautiful Women!
Actually, it goes a bit deeper than that. We all strive to find a match that we are physically attracted to; that is normally one of the first things that we look for. But why are so many men willing to go halfway around the world to find that special someone?
We deal with thousands of men and listen to a variety of reasons why they are using the service. We will share the most common with you here:
· The roles between American men and American women have become very muddled. It used to be automatic that you would open a door for a lady or compliment her on her dress or pay for the dinner date. Now it is not so clear and things even get more confusing once the relationship begins. On the other hand, the roles men and women play in other countries still seem to be clearly defined, for example, you have no doubt in your mind that you should open the door for a Russian woman.
· Family is a very important motivation for men. Many of the men who use the service are in their late thirties and forties and still wish to start a family. Some have been divorced and some have never been married, however, at this point in their lives they wish to start a new family. It is very difficult to find women in the United States who are in their late thirties or 40's who are willing to give up their careers and begin a family. Due to the age stigma, prevalent in the United States and other western countries, it is also difficult for an older man to find a younger women to settle down with and raise a family. Again, many women in countries like Russia and Ukraine would prefer to have a man, foreign or not, who is somewhat older. They view an older man as being much more stable, loyal, and mature.
· Sincerity. In the United States there is quite a bit of game playing and posturing that goes on in the domestic dating scene. Foreign women who join services such as ours are extremely interested in meeting someone for a serious relationship. Many of the games that are normally part and parcel of the American dating scene are absent in the foreign arena. That is not to say there is not a small percentage of women who may be using International Dating services for some sort of financial gain, however we have discussed that issue in depth in previous newsletters.
· Quality Choices. There are thousands of extremely attractive, well-educated women who are very serious about meeting someone for a serious relationship.


· Love. Above all love and a very strong chemistry is extremely important.
· Shortage of men. Actually, in many countries, such as Russia, there are simply more women then men due to many factors including wars and high male mortality rates. In addition, many men must leave the larger cities in search of work.
· Problems finding men who are interested in serious relationships. Due to a variety of reasons, many men in Russia and other countries are not interested in serious relationships, marriage and starting families. This is very important to these women, however men who want the responsibility of marriage are difficult to find.
· Stability. Security does not mean a million dollars in the bank, and a Mercedes in the driveway. It does mean finding a responsible and secure man who will be able to help provide for a healthy family. Many of the women are very anxious to contribute to the family in any way they can, working in or outside the home, they simply want a partner who will work with them to build a happy and stable family.
· Being treated as an equal. In many countries women are not treated on the same level as men. Western men, and Western Society in general, tend to treat women equally, thus giving the woman more options in her everyday life.

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Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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