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What You Need To Do To Make Shenzhen Women Attracted To You

A woman eating dumplings.
Find out what attracts Shenzhen women and then become those things.

It’s often said that first impressions matter. In fact, a person can have 11 distinct impressions of someone else within the first 7 seconds of meeting them. So it’s important to make sure that you know how to present yourself when you first meet Shenzhen women.

So how do you present yourself? What elements do you need to put forward or present in order to capture the attention of beautiful Chinese women? And what do you need to downplay so they don’t look at you with disgust?

So here are the elements that are going to be attractive to a Chinese woman:


Color is an incredibly important facet of Chinese culture and the different colors have different meanings. Black, for example, is the color of heaven. White symbolizes purity and is also the color of mourning.

In the context of a Chinese woman dating a non-Chinese man, heaven and mourning aren’t going to be all that relevant when making a first impression.

Black is a neutral color and people do wear it in their day-to-day lives. But neutrality isn’t going to do much to help you. At best, you’ll basically break even.

But if you want to make a positive impression, you may want to try some different colors. Red, for example, is the color that is associated with celebration in China.

Yellow is considered the most beautiful color in Chinese culture and is associated with masculinity and heroism, a direct contrast to its association with contrast in the west.

Don’t overdo it with these colors, though. Going all out with bright colors might make you look garish, which will attract the wrong kind of attention. Add a splash of color, but not too much.

Take wearing a suit for example. You might think to wear a red or yellow suit, but stick with the more neutral black, gray, or navy. But wear a red shirt. Or if you wear a more neutral-toned shirt but wear a yellow tie and/or pocket square.

A cologne bottle
Embed yourself in her memory by wearing good cologne.

Smelling good

There’s a couple of good reasons to smell good when meeting a woman. The first is obvious. Smelling good makes you more attractive and pleasant to be around.

The second reason, and more important reason, is not as obvious nor is it as immediate. The sense of smell, more than any other sense, is closely linked to memory.

How does this help you when you’re on a date?

Picture this; you go on a date. It goes really well. She goes home. She gets a whiff of something that smells similar to you and she remembers the date and how good it was all over again.

Basically, a smelling good could potentially lead to making a good date retroactively better, at least in her mind. At the very least, it can help make it harder for her to forget you.

Just don’t overdo it. A lot of guys tend to lather themselves in cologne thinking that more is better. With cologne, that’s not the case.

Whatever cologne you choose should be a side dish, not the main course. You’re supposed to be the main course.


Chinese women will also notice your height. You don’t need to be over six feet tall like you do with American women – though it helps if you are – but you do need to be noticeably taller than she is.

Luckily, the average height for a woman in China is between five-foot-one to five-foot-three, so even if you’re an inch or two under the American average of five-foot-nine, you should still be more than tall enough for the majority of Chinese women.

If you’re tall enough, then you can wear lifts in your shoes to give the extra height. Doing so will make you appear tall enough that they notice you. Women wear high heels all the time, so there shouldn’t be anything wrong with doing what is basically the same thing.

Also make sure to stand up straight. Not only does it make you look taller than you are, it also makes you look more dignified.

A man embracing a woman from behind.
Embody what she wants in a man.

Use honorifics

If you make it a habit to be overly familiar with strangers, like maybe you call your waiter buddy or call your barista sweetheart, then it’s a habit you need to check at the door when meeting a Chinese woman, or any Chinese person.

This is because being overly familiar with strangers is a faux pas and can make you seem uncouth.

So if you do go on a date, call strangers mister or miss. In Chinese, these terms would be xiansheng and nushi respectively, but use the English terms if you’re not confident that you won’t mangle Mandarin.

A well-mannered man is desirable in China. The women there want a man who’ll open their doors, pull out their chairs, and be respectful. Use the correct honorifics and other forms of address when talking to people.

Being open and friendly towards everyone you meet might win you friends back at home, but in a more reserved society like China, it’s going to come across as boorish.

Keep your hands to yourself

In countries like the United States, it’s not uncommon to hold hands or to do other acts of physical intimacy on the first date. In a country such as China, it is a different matter entirely.

You might get away with holding hands or a chaste hug, but anything more than that and you’ll end up coming across as too forward. And if you’re too forward with a Chinese woman, chances are that she’s going to pull back.

There are certain things that are attractive across a lot of cultures; good grooming, being clean, and good manners are universal in their appeal.

But there are nuances in different cultures. The things that win people over in one culture turn people off in another.

So if you do go to China, you need to figure out what these cultural nuances are if you want to attract the attention of beautiful women when you go to Shenzhen.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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