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Debunking Relationship Stereotypes between Young Asian Women and American Men

interracial couple

If you are an American 30 years old or older and you want to marry an Asian woman several years younger than you, this may raise eyebrows among your friends and family.

There are different reasons why they would react this way: They don’t understand your preferences. They don’t agree with intermarriages. Or, they can’t fathom the huge age gap between multicultural couples. However, relationships between young Asian women and American men are not uncommon these days

There are beliefs that stem from negative assumptions and stereotypes that are perpetuated in popular media.

When an American man starts dating an Asian woman, a lot of people assume that there’s got to be a huge age gap. The woman is also viewed as a gold digger who is only using him to get a green card.

I won’t deny that there is some truth to these assumptions. However, this is not always the case, nor is it a reason to make broad generalizations about two people who are in love. This is why debunking relationship stereotypes between young Asian women and American men is important. Here’s why:

Couples with small age gaps aren’t interesting.

When you watch shows like 90 Day Fiancé or any film about an Asian woman with an American man, the age gap is always portrayed as wide. The man is usually middle-aged or older, while the woman is likely younger than 25.

While some couples do have huge age gaps like that in real life, there are multicultural couples who have age gaps of less than 10 years.

Here’s the deal. These shows/movies lean on this harmful stereotype for shock value.

They don’t show couples with a three-year age gap. These relationships are normal.

Instead, couples with huge age gaps have shock value and are magnets for views.

Asian women know how important money is.

When people picture a marriage between an American man and an Asian woman, this is what they usually imagine:

The man is rich and he is always at work. Meanwhile, the woman is at the mall wasting all his money buying dresses, bags, etc.

It’s rare for people to picture an Asian woman in a multicultural marriage who works at a company, has her own business, or is saving her husband’s money. There’s always this stereotype that she’s a gold digger.

Here’s what you need to understand — an Asian woman knows the importance of money. She learns it from her mother at a young age.

Culturally, Asian moms are the financial decision-makers in the family. Once their husbands give them their wages, they make sure that they’ll be able to stretch it up until the end of the month.

Asian women are smart and savvy.

Another negative stereotype is that Asian women are ignorant. Since they are illiterate, they will do everything you say.

Yes, many Asian countries are quasi-3rd world and have been through historical turmoil. Many women in this region weren’t able to finish their education because of poverty.

But this doesn’t mean that these women are ignorant. They may not have graduated college, but they know how life works.

They are smart and practical. They understand English though they can’t fully speak the language. Most of all, they know how to make good decisions for the benefit of their family.

Some couples are genuinely in love with each other.

Considering the negative stereotypes, most people think that there’s no love between an American man and an Asian woman. They are just using each other.

But is there really no love in the equation? Statistics say otherwise.

Foreign men won’t go out of their way, pack their bags, and travel to Asia to meet their bride-to-be if they are not serious about their devotion.

Asian women won’t also go against the norm if they don’t love the guy.

There’s a reason why intermarriages are growing. If love is not part of the picture, I don’t think that these couples would end up marrying each other.

Stereotypes Are Just Stereotypes

Regardless of the increasing number of marriages between American men and Asian women, many still hold negative views toward them.

This is why if you want to date (and soon marry) an Asian woman, you need to get ready for people’s negative assumptions.

They will talk badly about your relationship. They’ll make distasteful jokes. They’ll make assumptions about your bride’s intentions.

What you need to do is not let others’ opinions get to your head. Make your relationship work. Show these people that your relationship is stronger than their stereotypes.

That said, if you want to find an Asian bride, check the link in my bio and start your journey today.

This story was originally published on Medium: Debunking Relationship Stereotypes between Young Asian Women and American Men

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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