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Choosing the Right Watch When Dating Chinese Women

A photo of a Tissot Chemin de Tourelles watch
Shenzhen WomenChoosing the right watch for a date is no easy task, but it can be fun.

There is a considerable number of Western men who log on to free online dating sites because for them, it is how they are able to date Chinese women. Now, these women are probably the kind that men desire for a wide variety of reasons.

The thing that should be understood about online dating is that the level of preparation that goes into it is not as comprehensive as the level that goes into regular dating. Most guys are not going to accessorize when it comes to being on several online dating sites.

Sometimes, the online part of dating can fade away, and it just becomes regular dating. A guy can read all the online dating articles he wants, but when it comes to preparing for an actual date, he’s going to have to put some more effort into it.

One thing that many guys neglect when they get ready for a date is to accessorize. They will put on their clothes, maybe make sure that they don’t smell offensive, and walk out of the door. But accessories can be pretty important.

A wristwatch is often the only piece of jewelry a man will wear before he puts on a wedding ring, and a wristwatch can be great for dating because it can help pull off an entire outfit. But there are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right watch.

  1. The Size of the Watch

    Possibly the most important factor when picking a watch to wear is the size. Watches have case diameters that can range from smallish, like 36 to 38mm, to more medium-sized ones, like 39 to 41mm, to rather large ones at 42mm and above. Now, the diameter of the case should generally be proportional to the size of the wrist. Most guys will be fine wearing a 38 to 40mm watch, whereas men with larger wrists will probably be best served going with something in the 40 to 42mm range.

    Other than the diameter of the case, the lug to lug measurements need to be taken into consideration as well. Lugs are the part of the watch where the bracelet is attached, and it is generally best if they sit comfortably on the wrist.

  2. The Movement

    Another important factor to consider when picking a watch is the movement of the timepiece. The movement is the internal mechanism that allows the watch to tell time. Many watches use a quartz crystal as a battery to power the movement, others use a mechanical or automatic movement with the use of the kinetic energy of the wearer, and others use a manual-winding mechanism.

    Quartz movements tend to be popular with inexpensive watches because they are more easily produced, which makes them easy to market to a wide variety of manufacturers. Automatic movement and the self-winding movement are pretty popular among the high-end luxury manufacturers.

    The main advantage of a quartz movement is accuracy. A simple cheap quartz watch purchased for the price of a soda will keep just as good a time, if not better, than a mechanical watch that costs thousands of dollars.

    But people who like watches generally prefer automatic and manual-winding ones because of how complex they are. There is a wide variety of parts that move in perfect unison in order to keep accurate time.

    In the mind of many connoisseurs, watches are an obsolete technology because everyone carries a phone that can tell the time, so the artistry that goes into an automatic or a manual-winding movement is the appeal in and of itself.

    Of course, if you are looking at watches purely for functionality, smart watches are practically unbeatable in that category, since they not only tell the time, date, day, or phase of the moon like regular watches, but they can also do things like monitor heart rate, blood oxygen level, and other things.

  3. Price Range

    Another thing to consider is the price range. If you don’t already have a watch and want to get one to look good on a date, you’re going to have to consider the price range. Now, there is a wide variety of watches that you can get at various price ranges.

    If you have less than a hundred dollars, brands like Timex and Casio make some very attractive watches with reliable quartz movements. For under five hundred, you can find an Orient or a Seiko watch with automatic movements, or a Swiss-made Tissot with a quartz movement.

    Now, for between five hundred to a thousand dollars, you can find some great entry-level Swiss-made automatics from heritage brands like Longines, Certina, Tissot, or Mido, particularly if you don’t mind shopping for pre-owned timepieces on the gray market.

    Above a thousand dollars, the watch world opens up a bit more, with mechanical watches from brands like Tag Heuer and Frederique Constant being available.

    For anything above a thousand dollars, the really high-end pieces come into play, with Omega, Breitling, and Rolex having pieces that retail for around four to ten thousand.

    Now, you may be tempted to want to keep up with men and women around the world, particularly in China where men have a voracious appetite for Swiss-made luxury timepieces, but trying to keep up with the Joneses is not advisable. Get the watch you want at the price point that you can afford and wear it well.

  4. The Type Of Watch

    When it comes to dating Chinese women, or women in general, it is best to dress for the occasion, and there are different types of watches you can use to complete your outfit.

    Now, if you go on a date where you dress up, you are best served putting on a dress watch. This type of watch is generally more reserved than, say, a sports watch or a tool watch. For a date that is a little more casual, sports watches or tool watches are acceptable.

    Dress watches tend to come in leather bands and are smaller, with many saying that the perfect size for these is around 38 to 40mm. They should also be thin enough to slide under the cuff of a shirt. A good rule of thumb with dress watches is that the band should sort of match the color of your shoes, particularly for very formal settings.

    Tool watches are, as the name implies, tools. Pilot’s watches and dive watches are incredibly useful because they do more than tell time. In fact, tool watches are so nebulously defined that almost any watch with a complication - that is, anything that does more than tell the time - can be considered a tool watch.

  5. The Band

    Another factor to take into consideration is the bracelet or the strap. Bracelets and straps can be easily switched out with the right tools, or by someone who fixes watches for a living. Still, the bracelet must be taken into consideration because you may not have access to the tools you need, or a reliable watchmaker.

    Leather bands are more formal in nature. Rubber and steel tend to be sportier and great for an everyday piece.

    Many boutiques will resize a steel bracelet for you by removing links, so if you do purchase a watch with a steel bracelet and it’s a bit too big, they can help you resize it for no extra charge. Leather and rubber bracelets tend to be adjustable on the go.

    Time is a precious commodity, and time spent with Chinese women is time that is well spent. Then again, it is also limited, and the best way to avoid wasting time is to keep track of it, and a wristwatch, whether from a budget brand or a Swiss heritage brand, can be a great way to do just that.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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